Baby It’s Cold Outside
By Eric Elkins
We all have it — the one thing that warms us when winter settles in on Colorado. We asked some of our favorite locals to share their go-to winter warmers.
The problem with winter sports is that
follow me closely here
they generally take place in winter.
— Dave Barry
Kendra Anderson headshot
Kendra Anderson, Owner of Bar Helix 
My ultimate winter warmer is a hot toddy … but not made with the traditional whisky. I prefer to use mezcal instead — that extra boost of smokiness is perfect for sipping on a chilly evening.
Adam Cayton-Holland headshot
Adam Cayton-Holland, Comic/Writer, and winner of the Colorado Book Award for Best Non-Fiction for “Tragedy + Time”
Pho 95. Filet special. On a cold day? Nothing better. Warms you right down to your soul. Federal Boulevard is a treasure-trove culinarily, and there’s plenty of great pho spots. Which is best is the subject of great debate. Pho 95 is my favorite. Hands down.
Kim DeVigil and Alan Gionet headshot
Kim DeVigil, Senior Director of Communications, Leprino Foods
We love to hit Jax Fish House in LoDo. Good oysters are tough to find. Their happy hour is a good time to sneak in. And we live in the foothills so we get out on the trails, even in the worst of weather. People can get on a trail just a short drive to Genesee or Evergreen, Golden, any town in the foothills. It doesn’t take long to find yourself in complete silence on a trail in the foothills in the fresh snow.
Alan Gionet, Anchor, CBS4 This Morning
I like to be out in the cold. I grew up playing hockey and still prefer to play outside in the crisp air, even in the middle of a snowstorm. I’m almost always at Evergreen Lake on weekends. But getting to some other iconic spots will be on my list this year. Keystone has great skating. Breckenridge, Silverthorne. There’s nothing better than searing cold air in the lungs. And Evergreen Lake is cheap. I pay less than 75 bucks for a yearly pass, but a one-day pass is less than $10.
Governor Jared Polis headshot
Governor Jared Polis
My late-grandmother June’s noodle kugel along with oven-roasted chestnuts.
Liliana Myers headshot
Liliana Myers, Head Pastry Chef at Safta Restaurant
My go-to warmer in the winter is a hot toddy. I love whisky and warm drinks. Arcana always has a really great hot toddy on the menu. I am not much of a skier but I love snowshoeing and I always make one for my treks. I also make a lot of soup in the winter. I work at Aspen Moon Farm in Hygiene in the summer and they pay me in their CSA. I always get overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables, so I make soups, curries, and stews and freeze them in pint containers. This way in the winter when I know it will be crazy at the restaurant, I can have a home-cooked meal without much effort. They always taste better in front of my fireplace with a good book.
Jasper Schneider headshot
Jasper Schneider, Executive Chef at Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch
I like to warm up next to the fire in the Great Room of The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch with a glass of Balvenie 12-year-old whisky, enjoying the views of the ski slopes and the live entertainment with my family.
Justin Brunson headshot
Justin Brunson, Chef/Owner of Old Major, Masterpiece Deli, Culture Meat & Cheese, River Bear American Meats, Royal Rooster, Folsom Foods
Sitting next to the fireplace at Thin Man on 17 th Avenue, drinking a glass of Buffalo Trace!
Jeff Osaka headshot
Jeff Osaka, Chef/Owner of Pig & Chicken Hospitality (Osaka Ramen, Sushi-Rama, 12@Madison)
My family and I go to a place on South Federal called Tony Pho. The vegetables are always fresh, the broth isn’t too sweet, and the service is friendly. Most of the time I’ll get a bowl of pho with just brisket, it’s cooked for a long time in the broth, which makes it so flavorful and tender.
Andrea Frizzi headshot
Andrea Frizzi, Chef/Owner of Il Posto
My number one go-to in the winter is risotto funghi. It’s so comforting — I always make it for myself and my staff on super-chilly days. I love vin brulé (mulled wine from the alpine region of Italy) when it is super cold and snowy! For a cozy spot, I love the way Finn’s Manor bar feels during the winter night. And I have a Russian fur hat that I love to wear when I smoke cigars outside or when it snows; it is like a little baby bear embracing your head!
Ryan Warner, Sr. headshot
Ryan Warner, Sr. Host of Colorado Matters from CPR News
My go-to warmer is a scarf. Well, not A scarf. I have two drawers of them. Striped and hounds-toothed and fringed and infinity and cotton and silk and on and on …
Patrick Williams headshot
Patrick Williams, National Beverage Director at Punch Bowl Social
Hot Buttered Rum! The classic rich, warming drink with two of my favorite ingredients – butter and rum. I make a batter with vanilla bean ice cream, ground baking spices (my addition), ground cardamom and Kerrygold butter. Add a scoop of that to hot black tea (preferred over hot water) and Pusser’s British Navy Rum (super rich and caramelly) and you have the perfect winter warmer!
Josh Wolkon headshot
Josh Wolkon, owner of Secret Sauce Food & Beverage (Ace, Vesta, Steuben’s)
It takes about 45 minutes in the chilly early morning to get to Belle’s Cabin at the top of Blue Sky Basin (11,480 ft.) in Vail’s legendary back bowls. I prefer a little winter warm-up with a steaming hot chocolate by the fire in this no-frills, rustic outpost to prepare for one of the freshest powdery runs of the day. The views are spectacular and if the sun is shining the outdoor grills are ideal for an on-mountain lunchtime BBQ.