One-on-One with Denver Broncos Defensive Lineman Shelby Harris
One-on-One with Denver Broncos Defensive Lineman Shelby Harris
Shelby Harris
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CT: Tell us a little bit about how the season has shaped up with Coach Vic Fangio.

Harris: There are a lot of new and different things he’s implementing, but they’ve all proved to be really beneficial so far. He’s definitely seasoned in the league, so it’s great to have a coach with this much experience. I mean, he’s coached pro-bowlers, HOF players … many of the best players in the league. It’s really great to learn from him every day. Personally, it’s an especially great year for us to get him as a coach, with it being a contract year for me because he’s known to really help the defense, so I’m just excited to be learning from him and growing as a player before my contract is up.

CT: Last year’s game against the Steelers was a huge win for you. Walk us through how you felt after that one.

Harris: It was a huge flood of emotions. My wife and I welcomed our baby girl just a few days before that game, so my emotions were super high from that alone. Going into the game and having it be such an amazing outcome for myself, the defense and the team, it was totally meant to be. Like that just happened way too perfectly. Being able to bring that game ball back to my wife at the hospital with the baby was truly one of the best moments of my life.

CT: What is your favorite part about the team as a whole?

Harris: I love the closeness of all the guys on the team, it’s definitely a brotherhood more so than any other team I’ve been on. Everyone gets along super well and has a great working relationship. I genuinely love going to work every day, the guys make it an absolute joy. Being an athlete is tough, with all the travel and time away from home, but if I’m going to be away from my family, these are the guys I want to be with. They’re like my second family.

CT: You were cut six times before joining the Broncos in 2017. How did you stay positive and committed to the game through that?

Harris: That whole experience definitely tested me as a person and helped me grow into who I am today, but if it wasn’t for my family, my wife, my mom and my kids, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today. It’s so different when you have those people in your corner and someone to fight for … it really changes your perspective on working hard. I wanted to set the example for my kids to never give up. If I were to quit after being cut, what lesson would that be teaching them? And having my wife in my corner, who loves and supports me no matter if I succeed or fail, I could not let her down. It just wasn’t an option. I just had to give it my all and let the pieces fall into place and luckily everything worked out the way it did.

Denver Favorites
CT: Favorite Restaurants?

Harris: Perry’s Steakhouse is a huge favorite, and I also love Guard and Grace. We also really enjoy Fogo de Chao as a family, that place is so fun. Fire on the Mountain has some of the best wings I’ve ever had in my life. Denver Biscuit Company is RIDICULOUS! Best breakfast in Denver. Hands down.

CT: Favorite Bars?

Harris: Mile High Spirits is always a good time on the weekends. They make their own liquor so it’s a fun place. On a weekday, Front Porch is a super-fun place to chill. They have a little game there where you flip a coin and if you guess the outcome right, the drinks are free. That’s always fun! Refinery for their pickle shots and Viewhouse for their food and drinks is always a good spot … great atmosphere for sure.

Denver Broncos
CT: Favorite Places to Go?

Harris: We went to the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, that was really beautiful. I love the casinos out here, the ones in Blackhawk are fun. Reminds me a lot of Tahoe, which is one of my favorite places in the world. Breckenridge is always awesome, but we really love Vail and Beaver Creek. There is so much to see in those ski towns, we love going out west! Great restaurants, the hot springs are awesome, and it’s so fun in both warm and cold seasons … always something to do!

CT: Favorite Family Outings?

Harris: The Aquarium is a great place to take the kids … they love it! Same with Elitch Gardens and the Denver Zoo. The kids also love Del Mar Aquatic Center. We really just love being outside with them, there’s so much for them to do in Denver, and Colorado as a whole, so we feel really fortunate to be living here.

Shelby Harris and the Family
Outside Life:
Family/Outside Life:
CT: How did life change at home with your new baby?

Harris: Definitely some earlier nights and a little less sleep than usual. The focus is entirely on her now. She keeps things so lively and there is so much more love in the house now. She is such a happy baby, you can’t help but be in the best mood around her. We still do our family game nights and all of that, everything is just truly more fun with her here.

CT: Your wife has been such a huge support for you. You’ve talked many times about how you thought about quitting in the past, but she pushed you to stick with football. How has her support really molded you into who you are as a player and a person today?

Harris: It’s been absolutely everything. The fact that I have someone like her in my corner is unreal. That support from her pushes me so much because she’s holding everything down at home while I’m out grinding every day, so I know I need to be the best I can be for her and our family. She makes my success so much more special, to be able to share that with her and our family, especially coming from where I came from, it’s really amazing to have her love.

CT: What causes do you feel particularly passionate about?

Harris: The causes I care most about stem from where I came from, surrounding low-income children and families. My mom was a teacher and we didn’t grow up with a lot, so for me, helping children achieve greatness, regardless of their circumstances, is really important to me. I believe every child has the capability and the potential to be great. If I can help them get there, that’s awesome. I also care a lot about supporting Breast Cancer research. My great aunt Freddie died from breast cancer, so that really hits home and I try to help with breast cancer research in any way I can. That’s so near and dear to my heart because she meant so much to me, so this is my way of keeping her memory alive.